Send A Customized Card From TREAT

Have you taken one of the TREAT card offers yet?  Last week they gave away a free wedding congrats card.  I have no weddings to go to right now, but I can always use an extra card just in case!  I ordered the card and used the PROMO code and the card was totally free as long as I mailed it to myself.  If I were to mail it directly to the recipient I would have paid TREAT .47 for the stamp and everything would have been done for me.  Since this is a spare card for me, they mailed it to me at no cost in the envelope as seen in the picture above.

Here is the picture of the card that I chose.  I chose a personalized card that would work for any married couple and had it personalized from our family.  The envelope even has my return address printed on it.  That was a free option, so I took it.  My FREE card also came with a coupon for 33% off my next card, but it is a limited coupon, so I need to use it soon so I don’t forget about it and miss the deal.

This picture shows the back of the envelope that TREAT used to send my free wedding congrats card.  You can also see the envelope and the inside of the card I ordered.  I had the option of changing the print, but since this was a “just in case card,” I went with their version.

This is a close up of the inside of the card.  Doesn’t the personalized closing look great!  The TREAT cards look great and I am addicted to their service and also their great deals!  So far, I have sent two Graduation Congrats Cards (1 FREE card), two Father’s Day Cards (1 FREE card), two Mother’s Day Cards (1 FREE card) and just received my free wedding congrats card as shown above.  TREAT even offers gift codes that come printed inside the cards.  I sent gift codes with the graduation congrats cards and the recipients were able to shop online from their favorite stores or trade it in for cash.  The best part about TREAT is that I can send amazing cards / gift codes in just a few minutes without leaving the house!


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