Stop Dog & Cat Hair With FURminator deShedding tool!

The FURminator deShedding tool has done it again!  It saved me another $40 this weekend.  My dog sheds hair horribly which brings SO much dog hair into our home, especially when the kids are running her through the house!  Dog hair clumps up and blows across the floor and goes everywhere!  I first heard about the FURminator from a reader and then reviewed their dog deShedding tool and fell in love!  Before trying the FURminator, I was spending $40 a  month at the local dog groomer for a “Shedicure” and she still continued to bring in hair after her trip to the dog groomer.  On top of the money I spent each month, my van was full of hair from her trip to the dog groomer, as well as the time I was spending dropping her off and picking her back up!

This deShedding tool allows me to quickly brush Dakota at my convenience without wasting money on groomer fees.  It can also be used on cats and even rabbits!  This deShedding tool comes in different sizes according to your animal’s hair length and is very easy to use.

I have used many dog brushes and highly recommend this deShedding tool, check it out!

Here’s the version I use on my dog:  FURminator With Hair Release Button

FURminator with 4 inch edge

Small FURminator for cats

If you’d like to send me a picture of your FURminator in action, send it on and I’ll place it on the mom blog for you!

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    1. Get one for your cats, you will love it! Make sure to purchase it from my post, the prices are higher from the FURminator site.
      Have a good day,
      Bobbie Anne

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