Tips For Exercising In The Pool

Be prepared for your pool workouts.  It is so irritating to get in the water and realize you forgot something.  It has happened to me enough times that it inspired this post…LOL.

1.  An outdoor clock is a must.  Cell phones are great for checking the time and setting alarms, but they DO NOT need to get wet.  It’s easy to say your phone will be fine sitting by the towel on the side, but you never know what may happen once you get in the water.  It would be horrible to grab your towel to dry off and accidentally drop you phone in the pool!  I use the outdoor clock to make sure I get my full one hour water workout in.

2.  If you are working out in a personal swimming pool, make sure you turn off your pool cleaner, or tractor as my family calls it, BEFORE getting in the water!  I was busy working on bending my post opp knee back and forth when the pool cleaner ran right under me and I kicked it, thinking something was in the water after me!  It seemed like that cleaner was following me and I couldn’t seem to get away from it until I turned it off and moved it out of my way.

3.  Be prepared with your fitness gear, goggles if you choose and a bottle of water.  No one wants to have to go after something once you get started.  I choose to use AquaJogger for my water excercises.  I like the buoyancy belt, the foot gear and the water weights.  My kids like the AquaJogger gear too, so I plan out my workout schedule in order to be sure to get all my equipment when I need it.  If your gear comes with a dvd, make sure and watch it before you get the chance to get your new gear in the water.  There are also many exercises that can be done without fitness equipment.  Squats are much easier in the pool, just do them in the shallow end.  You can also find a list of sites that I compiled on a previous post: Learn How To Excercise In The Pool This Summer.

The pool at the physical therapist is very warm.  They keep it at 92 degrees for therapeutic reasons.  If you have had surgery or are getting ready to undergo surgery, ask your doctor if you can start water fitness or water therapy.  After my knee surgery, I wasn’t given approval to enter the pool until all the scabs on my incision were gone.  Pool therapy is great for your body, but stay safe and always know your limits!

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