3 Ways To Use Your Alarm System

As a mom, I keep the people in my home safe by using a home monitoring service.  When I first moved to the Houston area, it made me feel safer at night knowing that our alarm system would sound should any of the doors or windows be opened when we were sleeping.  Once I became familiar with the home alarm, I found many ways to use it to help monitor the kids.

Door Chime

My alarm system has a door chime that goes off each time a door is opened.  If I am in a room away from the kids and I hear the chime, I know that someone has left the house.  My kids are old enough to come in and out as they please while playing in the yard, but it helps when you keep track of them when you can hear them as they enter or leave the house.  This will also come in handy when my son is old enough to be out late.  He will not be able to “sneak” in the house without the door chime telling his dad and I that he is home.


The most obvious yet most effective way to use alarms for house and home is as an alert system to warn of possible dangers. I love to use the alarm to put the house on “lock-down.”  This is great when you need to have a shower and are alone with the kids.  Once I set the alarm, no one can enter or leave the house without setting the alarm off, so I can enjoy my shower knowing that everyone is safe inside the house without worry.  One night, my son went sleep walking, right out the front door and into our driveway.  The alarm went off and the home monitoring service called to see that everyone was alright.  My husband inspected the house and found our three year old outside in the middle of the night, sleepwalking down the driveway.  Thank goodness we had the alarm set that night!

Pool Safety

As soon as we moved in our present home a few years ago, I began to worry about the safety of our kids and our new pool.  My youngest son was only two and couldn’t swim yet.  What if he fell in and I didn’t see it happen?  There were all sorts of scary thoughts running through my mind, so we installed a wrought iron fence in between the pool and our back door with a locking latch.  The fence was great but began to get on everyone’s nerves because they had to track down a key in order to get in the backyard since I had everyone locked out.  Since I faithfully used the home alarm throughout the day, we took the key lock off the gate.  After all, he would soon be big enough to climb the fence if he really wanted to get into the backyard and there was no way that he could slip out of the house without anyone knowing it as long as our alarm was set.

We’ve used our security system for over 9 years now and I’m not looking to drop the service anytime soon.  If you’ve got kids or a swimming pool, I’d highly recommend looking into a system for your home.

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