5 Apps To Keep Your Child Safe This Summer

Enjoy the following guest post that was sent in by a mom blog reader.  I’ve read about many apps, but these could really come in handy if you have children.  Be sure to check them out!

Raising kids in the digital age may be a help or a hindrance depending on which parent you talk to, but technology has advanced to the point where it can assist parents in ways we never imagined.

Those days of unsupervised childhood bike rides across town may be over, but this doesn’t mean that summer fun is strictly off-limits. Mobile phone apps are one example of modern technology that can help keep children safe and give parents peace of mind.


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Every second counts when a child goes missing, and it’s vital to spread accurate information quickly. This is why the FBI has created the FBI Child ID emergency app.

FBI Child ID allows parents to build a database with their child’s information and recent photos. In the event that a child goes missing, the parent immediately has access to a wealth of information on his or her smartphones that can be shown to store security guards, law enforcement and local media. There is even the option to email this information directly to the FBI.

HERO by Apptooth

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Endorsed by the high-profile kidnap survivor Elizabeth Smart, the HERO app by Apptooth is an ingenious piece of technology. Whether you child is kidnapped, walking home alone, being bullied, or even witness to an accident, the HERO app activates with the press of a button. This instantly alerts everyone with a HERO app on their phone within a five-mile vicinity.

The HERO app features both emergency and custom alerts as well as GPS tracking and location mapping. Create a friends’ list of neighbors and family to keep tabs on their emergencies as well, such as neighborhood watch alerts, lost pets and robberies in progress.

Family GPS Tracker

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Designed to help family members locate one another, the Family GPS Tracker allows you to see exactly where your kids are at any moment. This app also has a special check-in feature that will send out a distress alert if a child does not reach a certain destination as planned.

What’s more, the Family GPS Tracker includes a sex offender locator, helping you stay up-to-date on the neighborhood’s safety status. There are also icons your child can use in the event they forget an emergency number, as well as a general emergency button that can be pressed when necessary.

Help Me

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Developed by parents of a kidnapped teenager, the Help Me app can assist all ages in any emergency. A simple press of a button sends an automatic text message to two pre-determined phone numbers, both of which are part of your own Trusted Safety Network. Along with the text are GSP coordinates noting from where the text was sent, indicating the last known location of a potential kidnap victim.

Unlike most emergency apps, this one sounds an audible alarm when the button is pressed, which may be a plus or minus depending on the type of emergency. It can certainly help children that have wandered away from their parents in a large crowd, that end up lost in the woods, or that need to attract adult attention due to an injury.

Norton Online Family

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Not all threats to children this summer are physical, and not all mobile phone activity is purely innocent. Every child and teenager could be a potential victim of kidnappers and child molesters, many of whom have made use of the Internet to lure their prey. With cell phones having access to the Internet these days, it’s become even more important to keep an eye on a child’s web browsing activities.

The Norton Online Family app allows you to monitor your children’s smartphone habits, even when you’re away from home. This ensures that your child’s texts and web browsing are appropriate and that any downloads are kid-friendly. It even allows you to block sites you deem unsuitable.

Many of these apps are available for free or at little cost, but no price can be placed on your child’s safety. It’s important that, as a family, you learn more about the latest cell phones and go over any safety apps in detail, making sure that each member of the family knows how to use the technology properly.



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