A Successful Business Must Have Proper Marketing

Have you ever thought of opening your own store front or running your own business?  My husband and I dream about this all the time.  We’ve talked about everything from wanting to own businesses that ran themselves, such as coin operated car washes, to walk up ice stations that have generator back up systems, to owning our own rental properties.

We figured if we could find the right area to place a coin operated car wash, we’d just have to check the machines and keep everything clean and we’d be set.  The problem with this idea is that most people in our area would rather pay for a car washing service than to wash their own cars at a coin operated car wash.

As far as the walk up ice station is concerned, we thought this was a great idea because when we were hit by Hurricane Katrina, we were left without power and had no ice to cool our food.  The lack of ice caused many families to loose the majority of their food from their fridge, so everyone hung out in the street, had cookouts and shared their food while it was still edible.  My family was lucky because my husband had bought a generator and we were able to keep our fridge running but we didn’t have enough room to help all of our neighbors save their food.  The ice station would have been a hit during that time, but it cost WAY too much for my husband and I to get into right now.

Now for the rental properties, we own three houses now which are managed by a lease management company.  In order to be successful with our homes, we must make good choices when purchasing.  It is important that we only buy homes that will be easy to market, are in prime locations and are able to be purchased at a good rate.  No matter what business it is that you decide to tackle, it is very important that you market it properly or your company will not flourish. Click here to find out how the right marketing can promote business development.  Don’t be scared to jump in there and go after that business dream, just make sure you do your homework before hand.


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