Check Out

Have you ever tried to search for someone online or even tried looking  for yourself to see what can be found online if someone were to try to look for you?  I searched for myself online and found tons of  listings, many of which were from comments that I had left on other blogs while entering giveaways.  If you love to comment online, odds are you will find tons of listings for your name too.  I even found images under my name, two of which were NOT me.

Do you pay close attention to television commercials?  Lately I have noticed that is being advertised on night time television.  There are so many social sites out there today, and it is in your best interest to find one you like and really work it.  I try to socialize through multiple social networks and am wearing myself too thin and spending WAY too much time switching back and forth between social sites.  Last year I was trying to find an old friend and actually found a few of her family members on  I was able to give them my contact information and we were talking on the phone within days.  If you are a fan of social networking, make sure you check out their site at  Who knows what you might find?

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