Guest Post: Home Monitoring For Your Child Or Pet

Enjoy the following guest post written by Leonard Richardson covering home monitoring for your child or pet when you are away.

Unfortunately, for those of us concerned about Protecting our children or pets, it’s difficult to be in two places at once.  We can’t make a trip to the store and expect to know exactly what’s going on in every area of our house.  When it comes to home monitoring techniques, smart phones can be your best line of defense in keeping your child or pet secure.  Do you know how your smart phone can help keep them safe?

Just as smart phones allow you to flow films, browse the Web or movie talk with a friend, there are home protection techniques that let you observe what’s going on at home even when you are miles away with your smart phone.  If you want to be able to actually see what happens while you’re away, consider adding some webcams in your home to give you peace of mind.

Some possible uses for this type of system can be to:

  • Monitor a nanny or caregiver when you’re not at home.
  • Watch over an elderly parent that needs assistance in their or your home.
  • Monitor your dog or cat while you’re at work.
  • Or just keep an eye on your property when you’re away.

The point is, you just want your home secure and know what’s happening in your home. Right?

For a possible solution on this subject check into easy home surveillance.


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    1. I haven’t tried the service yet. I’m sure I’d see things that I may not want to see if I did. My dog would be into everything if I left her inside while I went to town.

  1. Thanks for your post. I also think that laptop computers have become more and more popular nowadays, and now will often be the only form of computer included in a household. Simply because at the same time actually becoming more and more very affordable, their computing power is growing to the point where they can be as robust as desktop computers through just a few years back.

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