Invest In Invincible Vinyl Tile

Have you ever looked into installing new floors for your bathroom or kitchen?   The expenses can really add up if you don’t watch it.  I have seen incredible looking vinyl flooring that I had to bend down and touch in order to tell if it was ceramic tile or vinyl flooring.  Before you decide on the perfect flooring for your home, be sure to read the following guest post:

Solidify Your Bathroom and Kitchen with Invincible Vinyl Tile

One of the best ways to spruce up a kitchen, bathroom or both is by using invincible vinyl tile, and it is possible to view products like this at most home improvement locations online and offline. There are three main considerations for many people when they are looking into home renovation ideas: cost, look and durability. These vinyl tiles meet all three requirements.

Assessing the Cost of Vinyl Tile

Depending on the brand and the type of flooring that is being replicated with the vinyl tile, they tend to come in sizes ranging from 1 square foot to 12 inches by 49 inches. For instance, if replacing kitchen or bathroom flooring, it may be nicer to choose a square foot tile or one that is 12 inches by 24 inches.

The tile that comes in 49 inch lengths is generally made to look like hardwood flooring, but the smaller tiles are often made to mimic ceramic, marble, granite and other types of traditional tiling materials. These are great for tiling bathrooms and kitchens and tend to be rated for water resistance. With prices ranging from $10 – $20 per square foot with the ability to do a very easy DIY installation, they look quite lucrative.

Traditional ceramic tiles cost a little less than vinyl tiles, but they have serious disadvantages. Installation costs will drive the price per square foot up higher than that of vinyl tile, even if doing a self-install. They are also dangerous with spillage, even if they are supposed to be non-slip, and they will cause a lot of breakage and shattering when items are accidentally dropped.

The Look and Feel of Vinyl Tiles

Vinyl tiles can be made to look exactly like any other flooring substance. For example, some vinyl tiles that are made to look like wood will have realistic wood grain and patterns. Those made to look like ceramic, marble or other types of stone appear to have the pits and grooves associated with those kinds of tile.

If the kitchen or bathroom remodel is to be somewhat traditional with esthetic that tile offers, some vinyl tiles are made with edging that looks like grout. When carefully laid out, it is difficult to tell the difference between traditional tiling and the vinyl tiles. Vinyl tiling is also one of the best ways to get the hardwood floor look throughout a house without having to worry about water warping the floor in the bathroom or kitchen.

Just How Durable is Vinyl Tile?

Modern vinyl tiles aren’t called indestructible for no reason. They are resistant to scuffing, gouging, dirt build up and heavy traffic. They’re also more resistant to potential water damage, and they usually have some sort of coating on them that helps people to stay upright on wet floors. Unlike the coating used on regular tile, the coating on the vinyl tile actually works.

When it’s time to update the flooring in the bathroom and the kitchen, vinyl tiles are certainly a cost-effective, easy-to-install, long-lasting, and attractive choice.

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  1. I use vinyl for my upholstery business. Like you, I have been pleasantly surprised at the cost and quality of vinyl. I have heard positive reviews from the flooring in bathrooms and kitchens as you experienced. I think some before and after pictures are in order.

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