Kids WANT Trophies

My oldest son is 12 and has been receiving sports awards and trophies from YMCA sports, swim team, soccer team and basketball teams since he was four.   Travis participated in YMCA soccer and basketball when he was younger, but as he grew older he didn’t care for YMCA sports because the games were not very competitive.  He spent several summers on the Marlins Swim Team, then moved on to basketball, which has been his sport of choice for the last few years.  He played on his first tournament team this summer and had so much fun.  My husband made videos of his games so that Travis could see where he needed to improve.  Check out Travis’ layup that my husband caught on video.

My youngest son is 6 and has been watching his older brother bring home sports awards for the last few years and couldn’t wait until he had trophies like his older brother.  We started him off with indoor YMCA soccer and then moved on to YMCA basketball.  He liked soccer, but didn’t care for the basketball because the YMCA brought in short kid basketball goals instead of using regular goals.   Bobby has played on a full size goal with his brother for a long time and did not want to use the “baby” goals.  Bobby loves to watch the Houston Texans play football and last summer he decided to try his hand at flag football.  He was fast and loved to pull those flags!  He would take off after the other team and then dive towards their player and grab his flag.  It was so much fun to watch him take off across that field with nothing on his mind except for how he was going to steal his next flag.

I was so excited when another mom from the team asked me if I thought Bobby would like a trophy.  Bobby has waited for so long to have a trophy and would be thrilled.  All the parents agreed and the trophies were ordered.  The YMCA awarded each child with a medal that could be worn around their neck, but the most popular sports award was the football trophy that the parent’s decided to order for their kids.  The boys were SO excited to earn such a wonderful trophy, but I felt bad because the opposing team hadn’t thought to order their kids trophies and the players were asking why they didn’t get one too.

My son’s trophy only cost me $7.00 and it was worth so much more to see the smile on his face as he received it and brought it home to show off  in his room.  Do your kids dream of earning multiple trophies or sports awards?  Have you ever thought of awarding trophies for good grades or good behavior?  If your child is not involved in a sport where he will earn a trophy, this may be a great way to boost his grades or behavior in order to score a trophy for his room.


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