Little Thinker Audio Stories Bring Children’s Imaginations to Life

Ever heard of “Little Thinker Adventures?”  Check out the following info that was sent into me by a mom blog reader.

Little Thinker selection of audio stories enhance children’s imaginations to improve listening skills and explore their creativity

Little Thinker Adventures are a fun and educational tool to enhance children’s creativity. There are 19 different titles available for just $9.95. Suitable for children aged four to ten, Little Thinker audio adventures use a combination of storytelling and suggestions for picture drawing to help little thinkers utilize their imagination and explore their creativity.

Each of the 19 adventures, which are 60 minutes in length, are narrated by Nancy, who takes children on creative adventures. With exciting music to enhance their journey, little thinkers are encouraged to draw pictures of what they see or experience. Through experiencing the audio stories, children can improve their listening skills and explore their creativity by translating pictures in their mind’s eye directly to paper.

“In a world driven by digital media, many children aren’t encouraged to actively listen and explore their imagination and use it to the fullest,” stated Jim Ettwein, founder, Little Thinker Adventures. “Little Thinker audio stories provide a wholesome alternative that is both educational and entertaining.”

Little Thinker audio stories are currently available on CDs or MP3 downloads, making them a creative solution to keep children engaged at home, during road trips, or during potential downtime. Little Thinker Adventures are ideally suited for Homeschoolers as well. By simply using a CD or MP3 player, crayons and paper, little thinkers can express their creativity, while learning valuable lessons about history, science, art, music and a variety of everyday situations.

With new pricing, starting at $9.95, Little Thinker audio stories come with a 110% money-back guarantee. More information about Little Thinker and the selection of audio stories can be found by visiting

About Little Thinker Adventures 
Little Thinker Adventures was created in 2006 with the purpose of reviving the entire collection of Little Thinker titles from the 1970s and 1980s. After conducting extensive research, the company founder, Jim Ettwein, located the copyright owners and entered into an agreement with the original company to reintroduce the Little Thinker series. More information about Little Thinker Adventures and purchasing any of the original 19 Little Thinker titles can be found by visiting


**  Little Thinker Adventures is offering a free CD to anyone who uses the code “freebie” at checkout. One per customer, and it excludes S&H of $6 – ENDS 9/7

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