Review: Mabels Labels Tween Packs

Have you ever heard of Mabel’s Labels?

I agreed to test out their labels for my boys in return for a review on my site.  Since my oldest son is 12, I decided to go with the Tween Packs.  Mabel’s Labels sent two sets of the Tween Packs, with each pack being personalized for each of my sons.  I love to get personalized stickers for my kids because we use them so much throughout the school year for just about anything they take to school that doesn’t need to get lost, such as their notebooks, lunch boxes, personal books, etc.

We also need stickers around the house to determine who still has their power cords and who needs to find theirs.  Every time we need to charge something up, it leads to an argument of who has a charger and who has lost theirs.  Mabel’s Labels worked out great for labeling our chargers.  We’ve been using the chargers and all of the stickers are still solidly, stuck in place.  My 12 year old believed he was too old for these stickers until he had time to set down and think about where he could place them.  Once he realized that these weren’t “baby” stickers and he could use them to label his personal items and keep them out of his brother’s room, I found him shuffling through his sticker pack deciding which label to use next.

I helped the 6 year old label his chargers, but he was more interested with labeling his lunch box and his new school items.  I have always used address labels to label my phone chargers, and computer cords in case we left them in a hotel or at someone’s home.  My chargers are important to me and I figured I would have a better chance at getting them back if they were labeled with my name / address.  I love using the address labels, but sometimes they do not stick very well and end up falling off.  Mabel’s Labels are even waterproof.  Now you can label those sippy cups and continue to wash them in the dishwasher!   They are also microwave safe, come with a satisfaction guarantee and are UV resistant, so no fading in the sun.

The current price for the Tween Pack, as of July 2012, is $21 per pack and the customer can personalize their labels with a maximum of 10 characters.  Make sure you check out their Back-to-School products and their  “Write Away!” Labels are available at Walmart Canada locations and on under Sticky Labels.

You can also contact them at 1.866.30.Mabel (62235) or follow them online:

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