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I love blogging.  I have an elite blogger network that I work with and have made many friends from many places!  Just last week I visited San Antonio Texas and Shauna from sent me a list of great restaurants to try since she was familiar with the area.  My family and I were able to find them and try a few.  Thanks Shauna!

It was over 100 degrees every day and my family and I hit three different theme parks and stayed from open to close.  Unfortunately, we had a case of heat rash hit our party.  Jayedee from emailed me recommendations for knocking it out and checked back in on me several times to see if it cleared up.  Thanks Jayedee

You do have to be careful online, but there are many great people online.  If you would like to meet a few, start commenting on mom blogs.  Mom bloggers LOVE comments!

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    1. Thank you Shauna, we were busy the whole trip and did have a great time. Between Dallas and San Antonio, we had more fun in San Antonio. Have a great day – I\’d love to meet over coffee!

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