Moving with Children Made Easy

Enjoy the following guest post “Moving with Children Made Easy” which was sent in by Kathryn Thompson.

Moving house isn’t easy at the best of times with all the forms to sign, the agents to deal with, the endless admin, the spiraling costs and of course the removal firm you choose.  But when you add children to the mix you open up a whole new can of worms and it becomes a very different ball game.  You get the constant barrage of questions, “Why are we moving?  When are we moving? Can I take a friend?  What school will I go to?  Is there a beach?  Is there a playground nearby?” They just go on, and on and just add to the ever-increasing stress.  So what can you do?  Well, you can’t leave them behind, I’m pretty sure that’s illegal, but here are five steps to making moving house with children much easier:

  1. Ensure they have a computer game or book for the journey.  If you can keep the kids occupied during the journey, once you arrive at your new home and try and get everything moved in, they’re much less likely to cause issues with their inevitable “We’re bored squabbles.”  Yes, they might not be helping with the big move, but they’re not causing problems – got to be a good thing, right?
  2. Give them a ball or bike.  Once you get to the house, if you want them well out of the way where they can’t get hurt falling over on the exposed floorboards or you just generally want them out from under your feet, giving them something to play with outdoors is a great solution.  Obviously they don’t know the area so the park is out of the question, but they could go and explore their new garden and run around after a long car journey.
  3. Food.  The last thing you want while you’re trying to carry heavy possessions into the house is the kids demanding their tea.  By stopping for food en route or having something in a packed lunch box for them to eat at their leisure, you avoid more problems and delays.
  4. Talk about the move early.  By springing the decision to move house on the children, they have less time to say goodbye to their friends and get used to the exciting idea of a new start somewhere else.  By telling them about it well in advance, they can prepare themselves for the big move and get excited about it.  When they’re excited, they’re much less trouble!
  5. Let them decorate their room (well, some of it!)  When you let the children get involved in the decoration of their bedrooms, they can feel at home much more quickly than doing it all without their input.  They might not be very old, but we all know they know what they want!

Some children just won’t be phased by a big move to somewhere new.  Others will see it as a scary proposition and will want to stay where they are with their friends.  Each child will react differently, but taking these ideas into consideration will hopefully make it all slightly less stressful.


This article was written by Kathryn Thompson, a UK-based writer specializing in advice articles, helping people find the services to make life simpler, such as man with a van or house removal firms for moving house or online discount codes to help save money.

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