Review: Skincerity Nightly Breathable Masque

After reading my post, “Do You Have Skin Problems And No Cure,” a Skincerity Consultant contacted me about reviewing her breathable Skincerity Masque.  After speaking with her, I learned that this nightly breathable masque was also great for healing scars.  Since I had just undergone knee surgery, I was really excited about reviewing Skincerity.  Jody, the Skincerity Consulant, was great!  Check out her Skincerity Facebook Page and send her a few of your skin questions.  She brought the product to my home and explained everything to me.  She went through the pamphlet, over the directions and I showed her my areas of concern where I would be testing the Skincerity.  I wanted to try it on the Excema on my arms, Excema on my lower legs, my knee surgery scar and as a facial mask.  Jody also told me that some of her customers use Skincerity  in conjunction with their Botox treatments, as well as caring for their face and reducing appearance of age spots, wrinkles and scars.

Since my surgery was fairly new, I had to wait awhile before using this on my scar.  The picture above shows me removing the Skincerity Masque after it had set all night.  My scar is 2  months old in this picture.  Since the Skincerity Masque is breathable, I use Vitamin E Oil first and then cover it with the masque.  The masque “boosts” the Vitamin E and is healing my scar quite nicely.  The masque peels off easily for me, with or without the Vitamin E Oil underneath.  I had my neighbor use it and she had a little trouble getting the masque off the first time she used it.  The second time, we used a moisturizer first and the masque came right off the next morning.  It is recommended that you remove the masque with a warm, wet washcloth, cleanser, facial wipes, or moisturizer, but I wanted to show you how it looks when you “peel” it.

The Skincerity comes in a 1 fl. oz. bottle with a roll top, similar to a bottle of roll on deodorant.  It is flash-drying, or dries almost immediately after you roll it on.  It may appear to be a small bottle, but it has lasted me a LONG time and I have rolled it on both arms, both legs, and my face several times throughout this review.  I could see a difference on my excema while using it, but not enough difference for me to continue “rolling” both arms and legs every night.  I really liked it on my face and use it weekly.  I didn’t have anything I was trying to “erase” from my face, but I liked the way my face felt after using the masque and can see how this product can “protect” your face over time.  I love it for my scar and use it nightly.  Why have a huge, embarrassing scar when you can “erase” it over time with Skincerity and Vitamin E Oil?  Here’s the picture that Jody showed me that made me want to test this product out on my scar.  Check out the picture of the neck scar in the lower left hand corner.  It disappeared after only a few months!

Make sure you check out Jody’s Skincerity before and after photos.  Some of them are just amazing!

The instruction insert recommends that when you first start using this product, you should use it nightly for a minimum of two weeks in order to “rejuvenate” at a faster rate.

Here’s what I learned from reading the fact sheet:

  • Skincerity rehydrates, rejuvenates and repairs
  • Maximizes natural skin hydration
  • Improves sun damaged skin
  • Reduces appearances of fine lines, wrinkles, age spots and pores
  • Safe for all skin types
  • Clinically tested and dermatologist recommended

Instead of using multiple face products, Skincerity acts as an all-in-one cleanser, exfoliator, moisturizer and also “amplifies” the products you already use when you layer Skincerity over them.  If you think this product is right for you, I recommend that you try it.  You save money by signing up for the auto-ship program as a preferred customer and can also take advantage of their refund policy if you are not satisfied.  If you wish to make a return,  you would need to call Nucerity International Customer Service within 30 from your ORDER date.  You would not be refunded for your shipping fees and would pay a 10% restocking fee but the remainder would be credited back on to your credit card.  Once you sign up for the Preferred Customer program, you control it by logging in with your own user name and password.  It allows you to change shipping dates (earlier or later) and you can also switch between any of their 4 products.  As a preferred customer, you can update your personal information and even cancel whenever you choose.

Skincerity can be purchased through Jody’s store at

76 thoughts on “Review: Skincerity Nightly Breathable Masque”

  1. I would love to try this. I have a pigment on my face from too much sun over the years and I really think this would work on it! Thanks for the chance!!!

  2. I have an age spot on my face that just won’t go away no matter what I use–maybe this will help!! I also have a couple of scars from where my cat has playfully scratched my leg—-I like that it is breathable.

  3. Wow! Those before and after pictures are so great! This product sounds like just the thing I’m looking for. I have some skin issues that I’ve been buying products for and have had no luck so far. This helps me feel optimistic about fixing the issues.

  4. Kayleen Considine

    I had knee replacements and have 2 very large unsightly scars running down both of my knees. If this could help those, I would say it is a miracle product LOL!!!

  5. I really like that you can use it anywhere! I also have a lot of let scars and would like to use this on them,

  6. I have had four knee surgerys and will have double knee replacement in the future, I would love to try this 🙂

  7. i would love to use this as a mask for my face. i love using different beauty products. anything to make my skin look good

  8. Skincerity Nightly Breathable Masque is safe for all skin types! Sounds amazing!
    I would love to try it too!
    Thanks for sharing your informative review

  9. I would love to try this product. I teach skin care in a Cosmetology School. Plus my Mother lives in an elderly community, they are always looking for skin care products for the aging.

  10. barbara remaly hart

    I would love to use it to help get rid of the dark spots on my face. Not sure if they are age spots or damage from the sun, but it could be combination of both.

  11. Sandra Sue Blanton

    Would love to try this, when I was younger had bad nerves and picking at my face was a bad habit I had, have tried alot of different products to help with the scarring without seeing much results.. Thank you for the opportunity..

  12. i wouls love to use this becuse i have so amny surgery and then i have alot of scars that would be diapear

  13. I am surprised at the real life examples and reading about how this product can work with a persons skin. I have had many different surgeries and would love to try this on my scars.

  14. I’d love to win this for my mom. She’s underwent some surgeries recently and another one scheduled. I think it would lift her spirits to be able to repair some of her scars.

  15. It’s fantastic that you posted before and after examples of what to expect from using this product. Thank you so much!

  16. This looks like something that I would use a lot as I’m always getting scars…thanks for sharing this information!!!

  17. I think that the 3 Rs you mentioned, ehydrates, rejuvenates and repairs, are the key! I’m glad that you had a chance to try and review this product. It means so much more than simply reading about it on the site! Thanks!

  18. I love the pics, i have embrassing scars that I do hide, still after 20 years, this seems like it would work

  19. this sounds incredible! I would love to try this. i worked in plastic surgery for many years and it’s hard to find a product that actually works on scars! I will definitely be telling people about this.

  20. I too have eczema on my arms in addition to some leftover acne scars on my face, I would love to try this if it works as well as it sounds in the review!

  21. I want to try this SO bad, I use so many different skin products and none of them do much, i still have acne spots, dull dry skin, and I’m starting to show signs of aging at 38. I can’t believe everything it does all in one-great review!

  22. It sounds like a great product. But for someone w/ extremely sensitive skin the return policy sounds bit harsh and complicated.

  23. very impressive and would like to see how it would work on some old acne scars

    ardy22 at earthlink dot net

  24. Wow this product sounds wonderful I would love to try this out on my face because I have had problem skin ever since I was a teenager and it is not getting any better. Thanks for the informative review.

  25. I am so excited about this giveaway! I am addicted to anti aging skincare. I would love to win this! I should be so lucky!!! I have read a few reviews about your product and they were ALL wonderful! Would truly make my Christmas bright! Thanks for the chance!

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