Save Time With Online Textbooks

School is getting ready to start up again and I wish I could rent online textbooks for my son.  He will be in seventh grade this year and our schools do not allow the children to bring home all of  their textbooks.  Each child has their own textbook at school but it is frowned upon if they wish to bring them home.  This can be a major problem when they have an upcoming test, especially a math test!  Have you ever tried teaching your child a math concept without a book to use as a reference?  I taught 5th grade math before my son was born, but I still need help when it comes to math.  He is in the math AP – advanced placement – class and his homework often gives me a run for my money!  If we could have access to his textbooks online, I would be able to help him through his homework quicker.

His teachers send home math worksheets for his assignments, but the worksheets never have examples on them like the ones I could find in his book if I had access to it.  I know the school is protecting their books, but I’d be more than happy to pay them a replacement fee for the books if they go missing in order for me to have access to their information.  When I run into math problems that blow my mind, I find myself online searching for help.

If the school would send home a copy or if I could have a digital copy of his school books, it would save me a lot of time searching for information and running to the school.   Have you ever had  those moments when your child just gets home from school and realizes they left their book or notes in their desk and there is an upcoming test?  If not, get ready, my kids and I have been running to school for forgotten books for the past few years and I’m sure we’ll be running to school for many years to come.


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