What Does Your Tea Say About You?

Are you a tea drinker?  Check out the following guest post to see what your tea says about you!

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Guest Post:  What Does Your Tea Say About You?

Ah, tea, the nation’s favourite brew. We all have a favourite way to drink it – from strong, weak, with milk, one sugar, two sugars or just simply as it comes.  But, believe it or not, there’s more to our teas than how we like them. Some believe that there’s a strong link between your tea preference and your personality type.   Whether you like a good old English breakfast, or if Earl Grey tickles your taste buds, here’s what your tea-type says about you.

English Breakfast – Just Plain, Simple and As It Comes

If you like your tea made with no fuss and frills, you’re a simple fellow with simple needs. By not masking the flavour with a spoonful of sugar and a dash of milk, you like to appreciate the richer and finer things in life that others seem to miss.  If you prefer your tea the traditional builders way, with a little splash of milk, chances are you’re always one to shout “me, please!” when someone offers to make the teas at work. In general, you like to take any chance that comes your way.  You’re teas biggest fan, and preferably like to drink it out of a china cup and saucer.

 “Milk and One Sugar, Please”

If you like your tea with milk and one teaspoon of sugar, it may mean that you struggle to say fully focused and can sometimes get easily distracted.   If you up the game with milk and two sugars, you’re a lively character who has the ability to take tasks head-on if something needs doing fast.

Chinese Green Tea

If you’re a fan of the Chinese green tea, you’re a cultured individual who prides themselves in being health conscious. You like to live life to the full, as well as look after your well-being and body.

White Tea

And no, I don’t mean white tea as in the traditional English Breakfast with a splash-full of milk as explained above. If you haven’t heard of ‘white tea’, it’s the cooler and newer alternative to green tea. Drink this and it indicates you’re a trendsetting individual, and certainly not a follower.

Old Earl Grey

Those who prefer the delicate taste of Earl Grey are sensitive individuals, who wears their heart firmly on the sleeve…or handle in this case. You strive to do everything to your best ability, and feel disheartened if things don’t go your way.

Iced Tea

Now who says you have to enjoy tea, hot? If you’re a lover of iced tea, you’re a cool, calm and collected individual who doesn’t let things get in their way or interrupt their stride.

This article was written by Ella Mason, an experienced freelance writer. Ella specialises in promotional gifts for businesses. For exciting mugs to drink your favourite tea from, visit Ideas By Net.

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