Guest Post: Working Around a Family Life

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People’s working lives are difficult enough at the best of times, with seemingly endless days for very little pay ruining morale and making you feel worthless, especially when you’re stuck in an office through the glorious summer months, or getting up when it’s dark and going home when it’s…dark!

Throw in how little time you get to spend with your family and it’s easy to see why people are striving to find creative ways to change their current working conditions.

Why work from home?

Many people are choosing to leave their existing positions, opt instead to spend some time away from the working environment, getting the opportunity to be around while their children are growing up, particularly during the early years. Whilst others are finding alternative careers that enable them to work from home.

Although spending more time with the family is arguably the main reason for working from home, these sort of careers enable both moms and dads to set their own hours, working while the children and their partner are out of the house, and calling it a day when it’s time to collect them from school or welcome the partner home for the evening.

Be your own boss

Setting your working hours around the family can be highly beneficial for a number of reasons (although it isn’t perfect for everyone). While you can do away with the mounting childcare fees, as you no longer need to put the children in nurseries or after school clubs until you finish at work, and you’re on-hand whenever you’re needed to go to the school with forgotten sports kit or to collect your ill child, working from home has numerous distractions which you have to be able to put as far from you as possible.

Don’t get distracted

The first of which is the television! Working anywhere near a television is only likely to encourage you to tune in and watch, like a cake in a shop says, “eat me”!

Then there is the phone and the inevitable calls from sales companies or friends and family trying to get you to do lunch with them. Unfortunately working from home between 9 and 3 isn’t as simple as many think, it takes real commitment and discipline.

Just because your boss isn’t around to chivvy you along, it doesn’t mean you can do the work as and when you feel like it. Trying to remain in a professional working mode between your working hours will enable you to get all of your tasks done, keeping the boss and clients happy, while you can maintain a happy family life too.


This article was written Kathryn Thompson, an experienced writer helping people looking for jobs in Northampton and the surrounding areas find careers that are perfect for them and their individual family situation.

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