5 Best Storage Units To Use In Storing Your Extra Items

We all can use a little more organization in our homes.  Check out the following guest post for tips on finding the best storage units for those extra items that you have no room for but can’t bear to live without.  Enjoy!

5 Best Storage Units To Organize And Give Your Home More Space

How often do the various rooms in our houses become messy and disorganized to the point where we cannot find anything when we need or want it?  Occasionally we do take the time to make a major cleanup but we lack the energy or the enthusiasm to keep it up that way, and it is not long before things start to look messy again.  How do we keep ourselves from sliding back down each time we go up?  That is the subject of this article.

Much of the time all we need is some system to keep things in order.  You will find things for sale that are designed to help you.  Storage units are among the most important.  Here are five of the best storage units that you can use not only to organize your home but also to give it more space so you can move around more easily.  Such units can become in effect an extension of your house where you can keep important things for which there is no more room in the latter.  The companies described below all operate throughout the United States or over broad areas; you can visit their websites to find out if they have any units in your area.

 1) A-American Self Storage

This company—one of the most firmly established of its kind—operates in five states—California, Hawaii, Illinois, Missouri, and Nevada.  All of its storage units are quite “modern and well-kept” and their security system is “state of the art.”  A-American imposes no fee for using their trucks—the cost of the driver and insurance are also free—and it typically takes only ten minutes to complete the moving process.

A-American is currently having a moving special where the total move-in cost is $19.95.  This price includes the rent for the first month of storage, the cost of moving in and $2,500 in insurance.  This offer is good while the supplies last and is not valid in Hawaii.

 2) Storageunit.com

Storage Unit is there to help you with your storage needs wherever you live.  At their site you just type in your ZIP code and compare the facilities that they give.  They also provide mobile storage, which can be an excellent alternative to the traditional storage methods as the units can easily be shifted from one place to another.  Storage Unit can even aid you in the booking process.  If you are moving they can also help move things to your new location.

 3) Public Storage

“Trusted storage since 1972.”  Millions of customers have made use of their services.  They operate over 2,000 units in every state except Alaska, Arkansas, Idaho, Iowa, Maine, Montana, New Mexico, North Dakota, South Dakota, Vermont, West Virginia and Wyoming.  The sizes of their units range from 5’× 5′ to 10′ × 30′.  With them you can find the best ways to pack, store and protect your goods.

4) Self Storage

Self Storage operates in every state.  They aim to make the storage process as smooth as possible.  They are among the most popular storage unit companies in the nation, with a rating of four and a half stars. Regular trade shows are held by this company.

5) CubE Smart

Cube Smart provides four kinds of storage services—personal, business, vehicle and military.  It maintains 1,200 units nationwide.  Currently they are offering up to 25 percent off storage prices, plus other offers including free storage for the first two months.  Size and first time guides are available on their website.

When you are looking for a storage unit it is important to take a number of factors into account.  The first question to ask is how far away the unit is from your house—after all you do not want to have to walk or drive long distances just to get a few things that you need!  The next question is what kinds of plans the company has available on storage.  You will also want to ask about security.  Then there is the subject of payment plans—how much you will owe the storage company and when.

There is nothing like a firm solid storage unit to keep your overflow in.

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Becky Harris writes for moving companies like U-Pack moving containers that keep the world running smoothly.

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