Cleaning with Kids – Is That Possible?

Cleaning with Kids – Is That Possible?

 Having your little ones around when trying to get done with the so necessary cleaning of your home is not an easy task.  Having one or two children is all the same because they will inevitably look for your attention.  Seeing you busy with work will definitely make them try to distract you by being little troubles.  So, the best way of preventing that and getting your work done is to engage them in helping you.

Here are some ideas that can make cleaning the house an experience that your children will enjoy:

  • Dress them up. Let your children pick the clothing they want to wear while cleaning and decorate it as they like because that will be their cleaning attire from now on, and they can always wear it when it’s time to help you.
  • Let them enjoy a well-earned reward. According to most of the sociological researches, it is very important to teach your children how important the work they do for the household is.  Making them appreciate the value of it will reflect on the quality.  So you can make up a sort of a chore chart where tasks are spread out, and every good job is marked off with a colored star.  Collect and convert them into some material rewards, such as cash or something that they wanted for a long time, at the end of each month.
  • Let’s sing! Kids love singing, so let them show you how good are they at it while wiping the counters.
  • It’s party time! Once the word ‘party’ is heard, the mood instantly lifts up, so why don’t you make your own cleaning party and invite your kids’ best friends?  Treat them with some snacks and even games in which they can compete on who is going to finish first with the assigned task.  This will make cleaning really easier and faster.
  • Be sure there is a break time. Never get your kids loaded with too much of tasks for one day, so you better break the chores up – thus, every other day they will have something to take care of.
  • Get that broom. There is not a better way to make your kids love sweeping than dressing up the broom like the witches’ ones.
  • Always think about safety. Make sure that your kids don’t have an access to the spray bottle with all-purpose cleaner because they will always find a way to play with it and squirt water.  No matter how diluted the solution is, it is still harmful for the little ones because of the chemicals in it.  There is nothing wrong to have some water fun while cleaning, just make sure that it is with plain water.
  • Technology rules. Today everyone has a digital camera or camera phone, so taking a picture of the kids’ room before they clean it can give you some fun ideas on how to clean it easier.  And don’t forget taking a picture after that so they can search for the differences.
  • How to engage your teens? Having teenagers is not an easy task itself, and getting them helping you clean the house is something that can be stimulated only by some cash rewards.  Just make sure that you consider the amount you reward them with according to the work done.
  • Don’t forget yourself. Engaging your children in house cleaning is something that should be rewarded too, so don’t you ever forget to do it for yourself!


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  1. generally speaking, i think getting kids to help clean is like trying to nail jello to a tree….but you offer some good tips here! thanks for a great post!

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