Do You Place Holiday Gifts On Layaway?

This is a sponsored post, I am a Kmart Layaway blogger, though all opinions are my own.

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It will be Christmas before  we know it, and I have already started thinking about the holiday gifts I need to pick up for my family.  I have found that if I start shopping and planning now, it isn’t as bad as if I were to wait until December and have to be in a rush to get everything done.  I have taken some time to walk through stores and look for great gift ideas.  I was in Kmart and found a few things that I’d love to get my boys.  My sons love to listen to their iPods, but can only listen to their music with their headphones.  I found small speaker cases for each of them that they could use to store and play their iPods while playing outside or in the gameroom.  I also found great docking stations they could use to charge and play their music in their rooms.  I also think I need to get each of them a new car charger.  It  never fails, we are in the car, they are playing with their iPod and no one has a charger.

Instead of buying these items now, I  put them in layaway so I could pay them off in a few payments and  not have to go through the store finding them again during another shopping trip.  I have used store layaways in the past, but I really like Kmart’s free layaway program because I can set up an 8 week option or a 12 week in store option.  For an 8 week option, my purchase can be paid for in 4 easy payments.  That is a lot better than paying for it all at once and running up my credit cards. Did you know that you can even place your items in layaway from Kmart’s website and pick them up at the store when your layaway is paid off?

I’m also excited about entering Kmart’s Big Layaway Giveaway.  Wouldn’t that be an awesome giveaway to win?  Kmart is giving away one layaway per store, per week which started September 9, 2012 and will run through November 17, 2012.  Remember, you must have a layaway placed before you have the chance of winning and taking it home for free!

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