Do You Read Magazines?

I have to admit that I really don’t have much time to read magazines, but this weekend I found myself hunting down my favorite magazines before rushing out the door on our way out of town.  Before I had kids, I loved to read magazine and always found myself picking up a few new ones while waiting in line at the grocery store.  Now that I have kids, we are always on the go and in way too much of a hurry at the grocery for me to take time to browse through the different magazine selections offered at the ends of the checkout lines.

My favorite magazines are the D.I.Y. decorating magazines and the ones with the great holiday recipes.  I love cooking deserts and couldn’t help but want to try my hand at making that eye catching Halloween cake or cute Easter deserts.  No matter how hard I tried, I believe that the deserts in the magazines always looked more appealing than mine, but I really had a lot of taste testing and decorating.  My favorite low fat desert was an Angel Cake that looked like a watermelon.  The Angel food mix was split up in bowls and mixed up with food color to make the green rind and red watermelon insides.  Last, but not least, came the chocolate chip watermelon seeds!  This recipe was impressive and so easy – right up my alley!

I enjoyed browsing through my magazines while on our trip, but think it would be nice to keep a few up to date magazines on hand instead of digging for my old ones.  Did you know that you can find some of the best Magazine Deals on without having to hit the grocery stores for the newest editions?  Since I already know my favorite magazine titles, it is easy for me to jump online and order them while comparing prices to make sure that I get the best available deal.  If you aren’t sure of your favorite magazine titles, you can easily look through the  magazine cover images and find what you are looking for.  As a little girl, I can remember finding the Highlights magazines in the mailbox and being so excited to get inside and begin reading it.  Do your kids read magazines?  Did you know that you could even get Disney Jr., Disney’s Princess and National Geographic For Little Kids.  My youngest son loves sports, maybe he’d like the Sports Illustrated For Kids.  Even though everything can be found online, it is always fun to receive “snail mail.”

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    1. Which magazines do you collect? I have a lot of Weight Watchers magazines that I have kept in hopes of going back and trying out the recipes.

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