Do Your Children Have Curly Hair?

Do you have kids with curly hair?  Have you seen the Honey Curls line of products?  They are made especially for children with various curl patterns.

Honey Curls is a brand dedicated to creating effective hair solutions for children with naturally curly hair.  Their mission is to create products that allow children to love, care for, and embrace their natural Curls.  My neighbor has a little girl with beautiful, curly hair, but it takes her forever to fix it in the mornings before school.  My sons are so easy to get ready.  The hardest part is getting them out of their beds and awake enough to change into their clothes for the day.  Their hair may be wild when they wake up, but after a few sprays from the water bottle, a few sprays of hair gel and a few flicks of your fingers, their hair is ready to go.

Do you know children that could use Honey Curls?  I wish I had their curls, my hair has some natural wave to it, but not enough to give me the “curly” look.  What is your favorite look – curly, or straight?

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