Find The Perfect Workout Gear

As I mentioned earlier in “What Is Your Favorite Workout Music,” I need to get together a playlist of music for my boring gym workouts on the treadmill and upright bike.  In the meantime, I thought I’d take my 12 year old’s iPod with me and check out his music.  Unfortunately, I spent more time switching from song to song, then I did listening to the music.  His music was not was I am looking for in terms of  “workout music,” so I’m back to the drawing board.   Even though I didn’t care for my sons choice of music, I did learn that you need to find comfortable earphones if you are going to wear them for such long periods of time.  His earphones were by JVC and were too big and hurt my ears.  He’ll be happy that I took his iPod because I am going to get him some new earphones that don’t make your ears feel like they are being stretched!

Everyone is benefiting from my trips to the gym.  I have also started using all the water bottles in the cabinet and many of them have made a trip to the trash can because they leak, sweat or do not allow enough water to come out at once.  It’s a shame it has taken me so long to figure all this out.  My favorite water bottles are the Tervis Tumbler water bottles.  They are pricey, but so worth it – no sweating, no water rings left behind and they allow LOTS of water to come out at once, when you really need it!

What are your favorite workout items?  Have you tried more than one brand of earphones?

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