Have You Tried Weight Loss Supplements?

Are you looking for something to help you lose weight?  There are so many weight loss assisting products on the market, so take your time and find the one that is right for you.  I particularly like the weight loss programs, but you can also turn to weight loss supplements such as the green coffee bean supplement.  I just read about the green coffee bean extract online.  I had no idea that this product even existed.  I am familiar with the health benefits of green tea, but had never heard of the green coffee bean.  This extract is said to be the “fast fat burner” and is available in both capsule and liquid form.  The green coffee beans are also supposed to bring a little extra energy to your daily routine.

I know that I my body would be grateful to receive a little extra energy.  I wake up at 4:30 a.m and go to bed around 11 p.m. and I am completely worn out!  I have tried energy drinks, but have never tried any supplements.

What about you, what do you do to get that extra energy that your body needs to keep going all day?  Do you sneak in a nap when you can, or keep going and then crash at night time while watching tv?

9 thoughts on “Have You Tried Weight Loss Supplements?”

  1. I like to drink green smoothies. Spinach, banana’s , coconut water, ice and fruit of the week. Throw it all in the blender and you have a vitamin power house in a cup that I can drink while I drive the kids to school. I take supplements too but that is my get up and go morning ritual.

  2. I was just introduced to this product yesterday – definitely going to check into it a bit more! I’m all for being healthy and finding ways to aid in weight loss. There is no magic pill, but if it helps – I’m game!

    I use a shake by Visalus Sciences – it’s the shake mix that tastes like cake mix! Check it out at http://thecooneys.myvi.net

    My blender is the single serving Hamilton Beach and it is wonderful and only $15! So easy to clean up and I take it to work too!

      1. The shake supplement that I use is called “sweet cream” flavor – it tastes like cake! I add frozen fruit to it (strawberries or blueberries) and sugar free cheesecake flavored pudding and it’s like a strawberry cheesecake drink! DEE-LISH!!! I’ve added healthy peanut butter and cocoa for a pb & choc shake. All great! Check it out!

  3. Hey Bobbie Anne,
    My alarm goes off at 4:30 too, people think I’m crazy. I get a lot of work done that early though. I’d love it if I could find something that would give me a little extra energy AND help me lose weight.

  4. To have extra energy, I always sleep at the right time and of course, eat the right foods. Regarding weight loss controls, I also drink green coffee beans extract. Try it. It’s good.

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