Holidays Hold Special Memories

Halloween is right around the corner and I love watching Halloween movies that I remember from my childhood.  Next comes Christmas and all the Christmas Classics that are shown on television throughout the month of December.  What is your favorite Christmas Movie? My husband loves A Christmas Story, where the boy gets his tongue stuck to a frozen flag pole.  Enjoy the following post on classic Christmas movies sent in by a mom blog reader.

Classic Christmas Movies Make Holidays Special

Enjoying a good Christmas movie can be a memorable and satisfying way to spend time with your family, and many of the Christmas movies from the 1940s and 1950s embody the spirit and sentiment that so many people love about this holiday. Whether you are looking to relive childhood memories, have a good laugh, or have a good cry, this is an era that has an abundant catalogue of classic Christmas movies. Some of these movies were embraced as classics from the start, while others were truly appreciated only decades after their first release. Regardless of how well or poorly these films were received at the box office, these films remain as favorites because they stir our emotions and in one way or another uplift our spirits.

Watching a classic movie can be a great way to escape from the hectic pace of the holiday season and from the busy routine of daily life in general. Christmas in Connecticut, released in 1945, is a wonderful comedy that follows a flawed but lovable main character through many quintessential situations. This movie is full of light moments, and anyone who has faced the challenges of preparing for a traditional Christmas gathering may cheer for Barbara Stanwyck as she attempts to make good on her claim of being a perfect housewife.

It’s a Wonderful Life was released the following year, and people discover and rediscover this gem each year. It may be hard to fathom today, but this movie was essentially a box office flop when it premiered in 1946. This Christmas movie may take you through a range of emotions, and whether you are a skeptical teen or a sentimental adult the final scenes may leave you feeling differently about your connection to others. James Stewart portrays main character George Bailey in a way that makes his ultimate realizations a revelation for the viewers as well.

The 1947 film Miracle on 34th Street is a perennial holiday favorite, and this Christmas film won three Oscars. While the somber notion of putting Santa on trial to prove his sanity may not sound like a great Christmas movie premise, the enduring goodness of Santa in the midst of human cynicism continues to resonate with viewers. The Bishop’s wife, also released in 1947, has a similar appeal. This movie also received many Oscar nominations, and has a main character that must deal with challenges.

The 1951 film A Christmas Carol follows Ebenezer Scrooge from his bitter and dejected beginnings to his full and revealing look at his life. Despite the dismal nature of Scrooge many people appreciate the amazing performance of Alastair Sim, who brings Scrooge to life in a way that keeps the viewer engaged throughout the movie. For a truly different type of classic Christmas movie experience, the 1954 film White Christmas reigns as an enduring favorite. This movie centers around two GIs who return home from WWII, a heartwarming storyline, and memorable music. The title song was nominated for an Oscar, and Danny Kaye and Bing Crosby in particular are remembered for their charming and entertaining performances.

Whether you are looking for a life review, a total escape from reality, or a way to recapture a bit of holiday spirit, watching a classic Christmas movie may be the answer. The movie you choose may be one that you watch every year, or a classic that you have recently discovered. Despite the changes you may experience as you go through life, you may relive youthful memories, make new memories, and even see the world differently after spending time with your family watching classic holiday movies.

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