Introduce Your Child To Nanoogo

Is your kid a LEGO master? Craft queen? Let’s help our kids to be the next leaders! Nanoogo is a fun platform for kids’ creativity and talent development.

Currently, Nanoogo is running weekly creativity challenges for kids between the ages 6 – 12. Every week, we’ll post a new theme and kids will submit their creations using our digital tools. At the end of each week, we’ll add up the votes and give away prizes like gift certificates and Nanoogo gears to the top challengers.

Have your kids enter fun challenges now and help your kids discover their skills and inspire each other! It’s free to enter, of course!

Kids go through the process of learning in various forms daily. On Nanoogo, kids will be able to act out roles, complete challenges, and eventually become a pro in what they’re really good at. We provide a fun way for kids to develop and discover their talents by putting themselves in the center of all this. Make them the instant authors of their life!

Imagine a website that is full of kids’ unique contents, bringing all generations together, and it’s safe, fun, and memorable. That is Nanoogo. We built a kids-centric platform so that they can become an inspiration to each other as a peer rather than as a coach.

Our kids deserve kudos when they accomplish something. Nanoogo is full of kudos that they can receive. Every creation will be seen by other kids who may have common interests then give each other different kinds of kudos through our peer-rewarding system. They will earn points, which they can use to redeem cooler things on Nanoogo!

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