Introducing O.O.T.W.

Meet Vizi, she is O.O.T.W. or out of this world!  This small doll is one out of an expanding line of collectible dolls.    I have to say that this small doll is pretty neat, but my sons do not have any thought of spending too much time with her.  I would have loved these dolls as a child.  They are all bright and colorful and completely out of this world.  I received Vizi in order to complete this review, but they also offer Astra, Gigi, Techno, and Flix.  The newest dolls are said to be on the shelves in late Fall 2012 and will be Sparx, Exho and Vibe.  You know, each girl needs a pet, so O.O.T.W Pets are here too:  Loco and Ditto.

Each of these O.O.T.W. characters have their own abilities from bouncing and chattering, to spinning and giggling.  And if you need just a little more fun with O.O.T.W. characters, you can also purchase accessories such as the Starcade and the Star Door.

Check out for bios on the characters, games, free downloadable ringtones and more.

Disclaimer:  I received a O.O.T.W. doll in order to use in facilitating my review.  All opinions are my own, yours may differ.

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