Join Advertise With Bloggers’ Personalized Advertising Service is off to a great start and currently accepting bloggers.  We are looking for family friendly U.S. bloggers with page ranks of 2 and above that have a domain authority of 20 and up.  You can check your domain authority HERE.  All sites will be asked to keep all inappropriate banners / links off their homepages.   We also ask that any blogspot sites give us a heads up before swapping over to .com  Blogspot is always welcome, but it can become an issue with the advertiser if they pay for your job and your site swaps over within a month of their payment.

It is harder for me to get work for coupon related blogs, so be aware of this before you apply.  Many clients do not want to feature their products on a coupon site because the readers may think they are offering deals or sales for their products.  We also need our bloggers to post on their sites multiple times throughout the week.  A client doesn’t like to place content on a site where the blogger only writes twice a month.  They want to be placed on a solid site that receives comments on a normal basis.

This is a personalized advertising service operated by bloggers.   After bloggers sign up and their blogs are approved, I will email them with job details once a job comes in that fits their site.  All the blogger will need to do  is email me back to let me know that they will be accepting the job.  After the advertiser checks the links and approves the writing, I will send payment to the blogger within one week of approval.  I am always available for questions, so feel free to email me at chat @  I know what I want out of a service such as AdvertiseWithBloggers and I will make sure to offer exactly that to the bloggers of

MidnightMommy works for AdvertiseWithBloggers and kindly offered to write a post seeking bloggers.  You can read it HERE and see what she says about AdvertiseWithBloggers.

I am looking forward to working with you.  Sign up soon so I can begin passing your site to advertisers who are looking for post placements.

Bobbie Anne

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