My Kids Love YouTube

Do you frequent YouTube?  Both my boys LOVE scouring YouTUBE.  My 6 year old loves watching Monster Trucks and my 12 year old loves watching the videos where people play tricks on each other like.  If you watch YouTube, you know how many stupid videos there are online.  There are also great, informative videos and also product reviews, but unfortunately those videos do not catch my children’s attention.  My husband – BlogWithDad – enjoys taking videos with his phone and has started making YouTube videos of the kids.  The 6 year old loves watching X Games and dreams of “ramping” his bike like a professional.  He got a new bike this summer and hit the dirt ramps at the park.  My husband took a few videos for him so he could see how high he came off the ground while ramping and then put together a video for him.  He also wrote a post on his site “Learning To Ramp A Bicycle.”



My son was so proud of himself!  We hooked the computer up to our television and my son watched himself on television, over and over and over.

Have you ever made any YouTube videos?  I started off videoing my dog.  Pets are easy to video because you don’t have to worry about them getting “tongue tied” while talking on video…LOL

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