Organize Your Calendar With The Cloud

Have you heard of  “the cloud?”  I haven’t had time to try it out, but have heard talk of how I could use it on my mobile to organize my calendar.   I definitely need more organization with  my busy family schedule, so I jumped at the chance to bring you this guest post from Rosa Smith – enjoy!

How the cloud can keep your family’s calendars up to date on their mobile devices!

Every family has their own, personal calendar. Whether it just has entries as simple as everyone’s individual birthday or family vacations, every family needs to have a personal calendar to keep everything in order. Keeping the calendar organized be can difficult at times, but the cloud can help. Most people talk about the cloud in terms of storage, entertainment or business use, but it can also be used to help families stay together and remember all their special days. If you want to find a new use for the cloud, then read on and find out how to do this.

Find a Cloud Calendar App
There are many cloud calendar apps for the major mobile operating systems like Android and iOS. You just need to find one that everyone can use to start the process. The ideal program will give everyone access to the cloud, and it will allow you to make custom entries that everyone can see.

Be sure to tell everyone about the app you choose if you want them to synchronize and organize their calendars. Because some people might have different operating systems, try to find an app that can be used on all of the applicable systems.

Make the Calendar
This step is fairly simple, and the mobile app should make it easy. You need to add all of your special days to the calendar. You can usually do this by just clicking a day and typing in the information. Some apps may have other steps like clicking a button to change the calendar, but most of these apps are fairly similar.

Be sure to ask other parts of the family about their special days. If you have cousins that live in a different state, then ask them about their special days. Anyone who customizes the cloud calendar app should be able to share their days with everyone else, but asking about the days now will just make it easier.

Share the Days
This step will be different for each app, but it should be roughly the same for all cloud calendar apps. You need to link everyone’s account to the cloud, and then you need to share the days. Linking the account normally requires you to go into the cloud storage attached to the app and enter everyone’s information. It might ask for phone numbers, or everyone’s account name. The other way this is commonly done is by making everyone create an account for the app and then signing in to get the custom calendar.

You then have to upload the custom entries to the cloud server. That may sound difficult, but it’s actually easy. There is typically a button to share the information. Some apps may label the button as, “share,” and some use graphical buttons for this. Just make to share your entries according to the rules of the app.

Make Sure it Worked
The entries should have been shared amongst all of the users, but you should still follow through with this step. You should call everyone to let them know that you posted all of the special days, and ask them if they can access the entries. This will work at least 99 percent of the time, but it’s still good to ensure that it worked with everyone.

If it didn’t, then guide the family member through the process of acquiring the special days. This is usually by signing into their account or accepting the shared entries.

Using the cloud to help organize calendars on the cloud is very easy, and it should only take you a few minutes to do. The longest steps should be getting all of the special days and adding them to the app. Actually sharing the days should only take a few seconds, and everyone should get a customized calendar in just a few seconds. Just make sure you add all of the right days, and you should have no problem making and sharing your custom calendar.

Author Bio
Rosa Smith uses a cloud network storage from cloud-based virtual server hosting from ProfitBricks to keep her family organized.

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