Pothos Ivy: My Favorite Houseplant

I decided to move my plant out of the upstairs corner and thought I’d brag on him a little.

I love plants, but unfortunately I don’t always remember to water them.  I taught school 15 years ago and still have the plant that was in my classroom!  I had bought a few Pothos Ivy plants to use in science class with the kids.  I cut them up and gave each child a few plant clippings.  We placed them in water and they grew roots and we planted them for them to take home for Mother’s Day.   The kids were thrilled with their Mother’s Day gifts!  After the school year was over, I would haul my plant back home for the summer and back up to the school again for another set of clippings.  The plant has also been moved from Louisiana to Texas and then to our current home.  It has went months without water and keeps on kickin.’  If you love plants but do not want the maintenance, I highly recommend finding a Pothos Ivy.  I looked it up online and found out that it is also called Devils Ivy.

I have multiple plants around the house that were started from this one plant that I bought 15 years ago, now that’s a plant!  What’s your favorite houseplant?

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