Progressive Giveaway: “Be Flo” For Halloween ENDS 10/12

I’ve been wondering what I would dress as for Halloween and then Progressive sent me this awesome giveaway bundle:

  • Flo name tag
  • Progressive apron like Flo wears
  • Progressive tee shirt
  • Progressive insurance pin
  • A temporary tattoo with “Flo” running across a heart
  • Container of mints with Flo’s pic on it
  • Progressive pad of paper

Progressive also sent me the Snapshot Test Drive device to check out.    This device is to be easy installed into your vehichle , just snap it in and go.  It rewards safe driving for Progressive car insurance holders.  A Snapshot device is available for my Honda Odyessy, but I did not use the device in my vehicle.  However, I did get pics for you.  Check it out:

Progressive Snapshot Device

Now for the giveaway….Progressive would like to give away the Flo Giveaway Bundle as listed above, to one lucky winner.  The Snapshot device will not be included in the giveaway bundle, but you can learn more about the Progressive Snapshot Test Drive Program HERE.

This bundle was a lot of fun and will be great for my Halloween night since it won’t be hot and all I need to find is a great hair band to go with it, along with a pair of jeans and I’m ready for Trick-Or-Treating!  Make sure you bookmark this giveaway and return daily to earn extra entries for retweeting out the giveaway.  Good luck!

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38 thoughts on “Progressive Giveaway: “Be Flo” For Halloween ENDS 10/12”

  1. I plan on dressing up as Harley Quinn and my boyfriend will be the Joker for halloween.
    both from Batman. I’m really really excited!

  2. We dress the dogs up for the trick or treating at our local dog bakery. Sometimes the whole family will go as a theme. We haven’t decided this year yet.

  3. I don’t usually dress up for Halloween, but have to this year for an event. Hopefully I’ll win this so I don’t have to think about it or put too much effort into it. 🙂

  4. I don’t usually dress up for Halloween, but if I’m asked to play Bunko at the Halloween Party, I will.

  5. I haven’t dressed up the last couple of years, but think I will this year.Not sure as what, yet. Maybe Flo? 😉

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