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My husband heard about Lifelock on the radio and signed our whole family up over a year ago.  He was so impressed with their service, that he also talked his parents into signing up.  We do pay a monthly fee for their services but can rest easier because we don’t have to worry about identity theft.  Lifelock watches out for us and monitors our credit and also runs checks on our social security numbers.  Did you know that criminals will use children’s social security numbers and will get away with it  because children do not use their social security numbers until they are seeking employment at a later age.  It is not until the child is old enough to search for a job, that it is found out that their social security number has been “stolen.”  Along with the credit monitoring, each family member ia also sent a copy of their credit report.

The holidays are coming soon and it would be a horrible time to experience identity theft.  Imagine the amount  of charges that could be placed on your credit card in a short time.  Internet shopping would make it so easy to make large purchases with a stolen credit card number.  Before having Lifelock, I would find a few charges on my credit card that weren’t ours, and someone even bought a set of truck tires with our credit card number through an online purchase!  Luckily we were able to clear this up with the credit card company, but you don’t always get that lucky when it comes to proving that you didn’t personally make those questionable charges that incurred on your credit card.

The best thing about LIfelock is that they can be reached 24/7 and are very concerned about completely answering all your questions and helping you in any way possible.  We have been with them over a year and have every intention of renewing their services for all our family members.

Take a look at the following facts:

  • A professional hacker can break through your password security in under a second if you have 6 characters in your password and no symbol.  How hack friendly is your password?
  • If your password is a little stronger and has 10 characters and a symbol, a professional can break through in about 20 days.
  • 10.1% of identity theft victims are LinkedIn users
  • 8.2% of identity theft victims are social media users who check in from their smartphone GPS
  • 6.8% of identity theft victims are social media users who click on apps
  • 6.6% of identity theft victims are smartphone owners


Does any of this sound similar to your normal online activities?  Have you ever thought of what would happen if your identity was stolen?  Check out LifeLock on Facebook to learn more.

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