Refurbished Printers Could Save You Money

How many printers do you have laying around your home, not just the working ones, but the old outdated ones as well.  I need to stop buying new expensive printers and need to look into buying one of those refurbished hp printers the next time I have a printer issue.  We have had so many printers.  Some of the ink cartridges for my past printers became too hard to find,  or else we got a new computer and they wouldn’t “talk”  to one another!  I like to buy the printers with the built in scanner, how about you?  We even had a printer that would take your SD card and print pictures from it.  That printer came in handy for class assignments and Student of the Week posters.

Last year I donated an old printer to the school and this year I have a scanner/printer combo that is wireless.  It does come in handy because my son can be upstairs doing homework and printing papers out on the downstairs printer for me to check over for him.  The wireless feature saves me from buying him a printer for upstairs, but sometimes this feature goes a little nuts and won’t connect.  When this happens, it is VERY frustrating.  There is no place for me to hook up an “old school” cable and print, so if the wireless feature doesn’t want to connect, then I am in trouble!  I’ve also noticed that the wireless model has much smaller ink cartridges which is also irritating, so I have to remember to keep back up cartridges on hand.

The last time I ordered ink, I even tried the refurbished ink cartridges.  I can’t wait to try them out.  If they pan out, I will definitely save a lot of money on ink.  Between the four of us in our family, we use a lot of ink.  I don’t know how many times we’ve printed off picture, after picture for my son’s homework where the pictures printed out too big or too little.  This can be very frustrating and sometimes sends me on a trip after the scissors!

What kind of printer do you prefer?  Have you ever tried the refurbished ink cartridges?

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