Plan Ahead And Save On This Year’s Halloween Costume

Halloween will be here before you know it and it is time to start looking for ways to save on this year’s Halloween costume.  We have several costumes that would fit my 6 year old so we have already been sifting through them to find the “scariest” one for him to wear this Halloween while Trick-Or-Treating.  Talking about the Halloween costume early on keeps me from buying a new one and gets him excited about wearing the Halloween costume he picked out himself.  He wore a Pirates of  the Carribean Halloween costume last year and wore an old man costume for his 100th day of school celebration.  The costume was a perfect fit for the 100th day of school parade, it was the bald man that dances on the Six Flags commercial.

Before you get your Halloween costume together, check with your child’s school to see if there are any activities where you could use your costume for multiple events as well as for a Halloween costume.

Here’s a few events that require costumes at our school:

  • 100th Day of school celebration where you must dress as if you were 100 years old
  • Book parade where you must dress as your favorite character from a book
  • Our old Mother’s Day Out program had a Noah’s Ark Day where your child dressed as their favorite animal from Noah’s Ark

My oldest son is 12 and will not be dressing up for Halloween for much longer.  His Halloween costumes are always the easiest.  He likes to go through his closet and choose clothing that correspond with a mask or that can be torn up for the “shredded look.”  Boys his age like to look scary, and that is easy to pull off.

Here are a few things we have done for his costumes:

  • Freddy Krouger mask and a sweater, jeans, Freddy “claws”
  • Scary man mask, jeans, white tee shirt sprayed with fake blood
  • Basketball team jersey / shorts (already own -required for his team)
  • Motorcross clothing (already own)

Costumes don’t have to be bought at the store to be fun and enjoyed by your kids.  One of the best costumes we put together wasn’t planned but came out great.  My son was supposed to wear his Halloween costume to preschool, but he was scared of it.  I was so excited about him dressing up as Scooby Doo because he loved Scooby so much, but he was scared.  So, we grabbed his Scooby Do stuffed animal and he went to school and Trick-Or-Treating as Shaggy, while he carried Scooby under his arm.

What ideas do you have for this year’s Halloween costume?  What items do you have around the house that you and your child could convert to the best Halloween costume ever?  Start planning and involve your child and your Halloween costume will be a smash!

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  1. When we were young, my mom would always come up.with some homemade way we could be what we wanted. Often if we didn’t have all of the materials we would go to the thrift store and get the materials. For instance one year I wanted to be Dolly Parton, but we didn’t have a dress, so off we went to good will where we picked up a white dress that had plenty of room in the front for the balloons we blew up to create quite the bosom. I dont remember my mom ever spending money on a regular Halloween costume. It was always more fun to make one from stuff we had.

    1. Dolly Parton……I don’t remember ever wanting to dress up like her, I wanted to be an indian girl or Madonna! Making your own costumes is definitely more fun that buying one at the store. I don’t think we ever bought a costume either.

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