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Saying that I like my computer is an understatement, I am addicted to it!  I carry it everywhere with me along with my portable device for “Internet – On – The – Go.”  I have been using a shoulder strap bag for my computer, but the strap broke and my bag didn’t have any special padding for my laptop, so I decided that it was best for me to leave my computer at the house.  You can imagine “how alone” I felt leaving my “best friend” at the house, so I started looking around for another bag and that was when I found the AftPack Backpack from Speck Products.  It is listed as AftPack for MacBook, but I measured my Dell laptop and all the measurements pointed towards a “good fit.”  The AftPack will hold a 15″ MacBook Pro or ANY laptop/notebooks  that measure up to 2 inches thick, 10.5 inches deep and 16 inches wide.  When this awesome backpack arrived, I was able to slip my Dell Laptop right inside – perfect fit!  I have to say this is the BEST backpack that I have ever owned – no lie!  The zippers even feel “upgraded!”  They open and close so easily, not like a cheap backpack zipper that gets hung.  These zippers “glide” open and shut, I LOVE this backpack!

The backpack feels 100% solid and durable and totally meets my standards and then some.  It is stylish and has all those organizer pockets that I love so much.  It has a handle at the top of the bag that can even be tucked back inside the bag and hidden with a zipper!  It holds my laptop in place with a velcro strap and has lots of extra room for all my kids electronics and chargers when we go in the car.  It also has a great water bottle holder that I use to store my cell phone for easy access, yes, I am addicted to that too!  This AftPack from Speck Products retails for $89.95 and is definitely worth every penny!  It has many compartments, with one that includes a pass-through for headphones, and this backpack has vented body padding that rests on your back when you are carrying it.  There is a detachable key leash for those of us who tend to lose things easily, like myself and a backdoor for easy access to your laptop!  And……this bag from Speck Products even has a one year warranty!

What more can I say, thank you Speck Products,  for allowing me to review your AftPack.  Both me and my computer truly thank you!   This is the perfect bag for college, professionals or people who are addicted to the computer like me!  Check out my other Speck Products reviews:  Speck iPhone Cases &  iGuy iPad Cover For Kids.

Disclosure:  I was given an AftPack to use in facilitating my review.  All opinions are my own.

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  1. I’d keep it for myself. It’s way nicer, bigger, more convenient than the shoulder bag I currently use.

  2. My daughter is taking classes right now and doesnt have a laptop case…she rolls hers up in towels and then puts in a “suitcase”. I would so love to gift this to her…am so proud of my kids who are working hard on their OWN to get an education after not being able to afford it for them after high school

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