Tips For Keeping Your Home Safe

The holidays are just around the corner and a lot of you will be leaving our homes for get togethers and visits with our families.  Here are a few inexpensive ways to keep your family safe from the “bad guys.”

Four Incredibly Inexpensive Ways to Keep Your Family Safe

These days, finding a way to keep your family safe and staying on budget can seem like an impossible task.

However, with these four handy tips you can have wonderful peace of mind…without having to empty your wallet. By adding these simple steps to your everyday routine, you can ensure that your home and your loved ones will be secure and protected year-round.

 Shut Down Those Shadows

Have you ever taken a good look at your home at night? Most people never notice all the areas around their homes that are cloaked in darkness – just right for sneaky criminals to hide and do their worst. Motion-activated lights, such as the solar-powered stake lights available at your local hardware store, are great at keeping those dark corners lit and those burglars far away.

Make Windows Less Inviting

Windows make any house feel open and inviting, which is a great thing for your guests, but not for a would-be criminal. Drive away unwanted attention by keeping window blinds drawn at night. During the day, you can let the sunshine in but keep your curtains drawn in rooms not in use. This way, your valuables and the layout of your home aren’t on display for burglars looking to get a better picture of what’s going on inside.

 Send Solicitors Packing

Nothing is more annoying and more intrusive than when a solicitor comes to call. While a “no solicitors” sign can be an effective deterrent, another one can be equally as effective: Simply don’t answer the door. Screen solicitors just like you would over the phone, look at them through the peephole and open your door at your discretion. This way, you’re training yourself and your family to open the door cautiously and carefully to strangers.

 Invest in a Home Security System

All the precautions in the world will never replace the need for a true deterrent. Homeowners who invest in an effective home security system can have total protection throughout their homes, all for just a few dollars a day. Even better, wireless systems are easy to set up and require no hardwiring installation.

Keeping your family safe can be a snap with these budget-friendly tips. Simple steps like investing in a LifeShield wireless home security system and lighting dark outside areas will go a long way toward keeping the “bad guys” at bay.

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  1. The home alarm itself. There is little debate about whether or not you ought to have an alarm system – you should – so the debate opens up on the point of which type you should have. You can go wired only, expecting that there will be less of a chance of the system going down, but it will definitely create a disturbance in your home and could be bypassed nonetheless by an expert criminal. Wireless alarm systems give homeowners a lot of flexibility as your home grows or your needs change.

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