Top 5 Christmas Gifts Ideas For Teens

I have been thinking about gifts that I need to find for my family members and just wrote a post on ways blog giveaway linkys can help you find the perfect gifts.  My kids are quickly growing and their tastes are too.  Unfortunately, items that I think are cool, may not appear to be so to them, at least not anymore.  This morning I received a guest post from a mom blog reader and thought it would be great to share with you.  I hope it helps you with that shopping list this year – enjoy!

Top 5 Christmas Gifts for Moody Teenagers – By a Moody Teenager

Something happens to some kids when they hit their teens.  They say it’s something to do with their hormones but all I know is that some teenagers have mood swings that can be hard to deal with.  Take my word for it, I was one of those moody teenagers, and I remember my parents struggling with buying Christmas gifts for me and my brother every single year.  I just hit my twenties, so I thought I would write down this little list of ideas to help you during your research into what impresses a teenager at Christmas.

1 Music gifts
Nearly all teenagers like popular music so a voucher could do for you, or if you are feeling really brave buying an actual album would be a good safe bet.  If you are going down the voucher route there are a number of different websites that can make your life easier.   Apple’s iTunes is the big daddy of music retailing and there are easy ways to buy gift vouchers from their website; you can get a voucher emailed to your intended recipient or you can print one off yourself, or you can even choose a predesigned card and voucher to be sent to your address.  You can also buy films, applications and books in the same way.  The same can be done through retailers like amazon and hmv, so shop around and see what deals are to be found.

2 Car breakdown cover
If the teenager you are spoiling has a car then find out if it’s covered for breakdown recovery.  This is a great gift idea as most teens have very old cars that are more susceptible to break downs.   If your teenager doesn’t have a car then what about a contribution to driving lessons or even a contribution to a car fund!

3 An experience
This is getting to the more expensive end of the scale but you can get a driving experience for your moody teen in a Lamborghini for as little as £69.  The only real restrictions are that they must be under 6’6” and not be over 18 stone!  Which should make it open to most teens, I hope!   You could also look at a flying lesson.  These also start at about £60 for an hour and the age restriction is as low as 12 years old.  Flying can really help confidence and give your moody teen some sense of achievement and sunglasses are recommended all year round, so your teen can look cool too!

4 A subscription
A subscription used to mean a copy of ‘Just 17’ delivered to your door for a year, however subscriptions have moved on and now you can buy a number of different services that will appeal to your teenager.  The first big leap in subscriptions is mobile phone top ups and subscriptions.  If you are a Vodafone subscriber you can add a certain amount each month to another account you are controlling.  You can also top up data usage if your teenager has a tablet or dongle for wireless internet access.  Anyone who gives more access to the internet is going to be held aloft like a God in any teenager’s eyes.  If you have a moody teenager who is a console game player it is possible to pay for their online connection subscription, which allows them to play online games.  Or you could look at buying a subscription to a film database, like LoveFilm or NetFlix, starting at £5 per month.

5 A gadget or an accessory
What about an iPod Shuffle for £40?  Most teenagers will already have a phone and a laptop, so what about buying something to complement their gadgetry?  You can buy phone cases and laptop covers, starting at £10 or you could buy some headphones for your moody teenager.  If you really wanted to be helpful and see into the future, you could buy gadget insurance for you teenager, but I can imagine the teenagers face when on Christmas morning they open a card with an insurance document in it….
Hopefully this article has given you some ideas of what to buy your moody teenager.  They are growing so quickly and they cannot control some of their mood swings so forgive their mistakes and brighten their day as they try and deal with all those mixed emotions. It’s tough to be a teen.

Bio: Daniel just survived his teenage years and now works for Personalized Gifts Shop, an online shop that looks at gift giving and tries to make things a bit more personal.  In his spare time Daniel enjoys riding his brand new motorbike across the country.


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