Win / Find Unique Gifts For Family & Friends

Christmas will be here before we know it and many of us are beginning to think or even purchase Christmas gifts so that we won’t be hit with a huge credit card bill all at once.

Entering blog giveaways will help you prepare for the holidays:

  1. Win awesome gifts by entering with persistance
  2. Find great gift ideas that you would never have found at the store

You would be surprised at the amount of people who enter giveaways faithfully on a daily basis unless you are one of those people yourself!  I would love to enter multiple giveaways but spend more time setting up giveaways and writing reviews than I do entering them myself.  Even though I do not get to enter giveaways as much as I would like, I still find the blog giveaway linkys to be very useful.  I like to give unique gifts and have come across so many companies and products that I would have never found in the stores.  Each holiday my family members are excited to see what new gift ideas I have each year.

One year I bought everyone a salt lamp from the Himalayan Salt Shop.  You should have seen the looks on their faces as they picked up their HEAVY gift and unwrapped a huge block of salt that had been turned into a lamp!  I have also given Tropical Traditions organic honey and skin exfoliator which I use on my feet.  I have found great mineral makeup, haircare and items for the kids.  You can always find multiple current giveaways offered by different bloggers to browse and enter on my Enter / List Giveaways tab at the top of my blog.  You can also find my blog’s current giveaways on the right hand sidebar under “Featured Giveaways.”

Even though you may not have the time to be a professional at entering giveaways, every entry counts!  I have won a cool pair of shoes, a personalized tote bag from Thirty – One and someone even won a patio furniture set off my blog that was valued at $1599.00!  Can you imagine getting that email telling you that were the winner of the Patio Shoppers Outdoor Giveaway?  I was thrilled at winning the shoes, I would have been beside myself  if I had won the Patio Set!  Remember, when you find the giveaway that you would REALLY like to win, do everything you can to get the most amount of entries, including revisiting the giveaway daily to tweet it out to your Twitter followers.

Have you won a giveaway lately?  What is the biggest prize that you have ever won?  Did you re-gift the prize or keep it yourself?

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