College Students Can Save Money By Renting Their Textbooks

Renting textbooks online makes perfect sense for college students!   Renting online textbooks is a great option and comes with lots of great perks.  Remembering back to my college days,  just the irritation of standing in lines for hours at the bookstore would have been enough to have swapped me over to online rental if it would have been an option.  Thinking back on all my college expenses, my parents spent a ton of money on all those books.  I would resell them at the end of the year and start the process all over with more lines and lots of waiting to trade out books.  My husband did have books that he saved in order to use as future reference, but my books weren’t keepers and went right back to the school bookstore to be resold again and again.  I sure didn’t need to hang onto my Psychology book!  That book was thick and heavy and was one of the more expensive ones.  I couldn’t wait to resell it.  Look how much it rents for on CampusBookRentals.

Here are some great perks of renting online textbooks for college students from

  • Did you know you could save 40-90% off of bookstore prices just by renting your texbooks online?
  • Renting textbooks online also comes with free shipping both ways.
  • Just because they are rented books, doesn’t mean that you can’t highlight in the textbooks.
  • offers flexible renting periods.
  • Campus Book Rentals also donates to Operation Smile with each textbook rented.


When it is time for you to purchase a new set of college textbooks, take a few minutes and compare prices from the bookstore vs. online rentals.  It’s always great to save money when you can.  College is full of expenses, why go spend your money all in one place?



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  1. As a recent college grad, I know how expensive textbooks are. Renting textbooks is a fantastic idea. It’s a win-win program. Thanks for sharing.

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