Comfortable Quality Maternity Clothing

My youngest child is now six, but I will never forget all that shopping I did for maternity clothes.  Most of the maternity clothing from the clothing stores in the mall was very cheaply priced, and looked cute but didn’t have the durability factor.  It was a great place to shop when you needed a cute outfit or if it was time to stock up on the next size up in tops.  The first time I was pregnant, I taught school and was constantly carrying books around with me.  You should have seen all the “balls” on the fronts of my shirts where my books rubbed against my belly as I walked up and down the steps gripping them tightly so as not to drop anything.  When it came to my jeans and undergarments, I liked to shop at specialty shops.  The prices were much higher, but the clothing was well worth the added prices.  Face it, as much as we’d like to ditch our pregnancy clothing after delivery, most women continue to wear them for awhile afterwards.  My maternity jeans were SO comfortable that I hated to put them away, but those over sized shirts had to go as soon as possible!

As for the undergarments, I had C-sections and comfortable underwear were high on my priority list.  I found some long lasting, maternity underwear that I was really impressed with.  It is really smart to start off with a great pair of maternity undergarments because you can never be too comfortable when it comes to being pregnant.  Your belly stretches, your body changes, your feet swell, and the list goes on and on.  So, when you find comfortable maternity wear, snatch it up and enjoy it!  If you buy nice things, and plan on having another child, you can always wear them again or pass them on to a friend.

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