Conquer Bathroom Bacteria: Guest Post

Unfortunately, I was just too spoiled as a kid and was never made to clean around the house. Now that I am an adult, there are still a lot of cleaning tricks and tips that I need to find, so I love it when a new cleaning guest post comes in.

How to Conquer the Bacteria in the Bathroom

The Bathroom is the room where you start and finish your day and it has to possess a specific predisposing atmosphere.  However, due to the humidity and the heat, the bathroom turns out to be a favorite refuge for a countless number of bacteria, which are harmful for your health.  Some tried out tricks will assist you to send away the bacteria form the bathroom.  It may sound strange, but it is a fact – the bathroom itself, being the place where you maintain your entire hygiene, making you healthy and tidy, is a rather dirty and filled with toxins place, even though invisible.  If you don’t deal firmly and timely with the bacteria, you risk to cultivate at first sight unexplainable health issues or to be urged by unexpected bathroom repair expenses.

The bathroom should be sanitized at least once a week and even more often if you are а good-sized family. Bacteria are hiding everywhere, not only in the drains; they’re around the toilet, in the sink, in the bathtub, across the curtains, in the joints between the tiles, even in the toilet paper and the head of the shower.  In the prevailing part of the cases, it is exactly the bacteria which cause the unpleasant stench in the premises, which, unfortunately, won’t disappear with the placing of a couple of aromatizers.  Thereby, instead of concealing the dirty face of your bathroom, clean it regularly and mercilessly. Expel the bacteria from the shower The morning shower in combination with a cup of strong coffee makes the energetic bound for the start of the filled with engagements and tasks day.  But do you have any idea that the shower is the ideal incubator for bacteria which will pour down on you when you turn on the tap and which will disperse in the air, and you will continue to inhale them long after you are done with the shower.  Bacteria around the shower are 100 times more than they are in the water.  The good news, however, is that the people with comparatively stable immune systems are exposed to less significant health hazards.  Those with worse immunity, the pregnant women, the elderly people and people suffering from some diseases, fall into the endangered quota.  The symptoms for a health problem due to absorbed bacteria may vary, but generally they can be described as coughing, intermittent breathing, fatigue and weakness. If your score is to reduce the quantity of the bacteria in your bathroom, replace the plastic shower with a metal one.  If it is movable  dip it into a utensil filled with vinegar and leave it there soaking for couple of hours, even for the whole night.  Scour the little holes with a tooth brush or a pin to remove the layers of dust which have been forming for some time now.  Turn on the tap so that the stream of water could clean the grime and finally wipe it out with a towel.  In case your shower is a static one, you can pour some heated vinegar on it. Rinse within a couple of hours, and don’t forget to turn on the hot water run for two minutes before you take the next shower.

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