Dark Shadows Featuring Johnny Depp

Another Johnny Depp movie and my kids can’t wait to watch it.  Dark Shadows just hit the shelves October 2, 2012, what perfect timing – right before Halloween!  This movie is based on the classic television series and features an all star cast of Johnny Depp,  Michelle Pfeiffer, Helena Bonham Carter, Chloe Grace Moretz, Jonny Lee Miller and more.   Along with the DVD and Blu-Ray, Warner Bros. has also developed the Dark Shadows Blog App that you can find below.


The Dark Shadows blog app is filled with fun.  You can take the “Are You Creepy Enough Quiz,” test yourself with Barnabas’  Terror Trivia, look at your Horror-Scope and even get social through this great blog app.   What are your favorite Halloween shows?  Would you rather see Dark Shadows in the movies or in the privacy of your home?  Do Scary movies usually give you the creeps late at night?  Do you allow your children to watch scary movies when it is dark outside?

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