Do You Send Holiday Gift Baskets?

Christmas time will be here before we know it.  Have you started making your Christmas lists yet?  I have been working on mine while browsing several online sites and found that it is always best for me to send gift baskets to friends and family that do not live near me.  I say this because when you do not visit someone’s home on a regular basis, it is hard to know what items they need or what items they might have just gotten for their homes.  It ruins the Christmas surprise when you have to ask them what they’d like for Christmas this year.  I always tried to figure out a nice gift, but so many times bought items that they did not want or already had, so this year I am sending gift baskets to a few on my list.

My husband frequently receives gift baskets from companies in his industry and I am always thrilled to find all those sweets on my front porch.  My favorite gift baskets came with cheesecake and brownies, but I also love to open the ones with cookies, popcorn and candy!  I have an aunt that figured this out early on and every year she sends me another one full of my favorites!  She used to send a gift card and that was nice, but I had to remember to take it with me when I went to the store.  I liked the gift card, but most of the time when I receive a gift card, I put it towards family necessities and never personally enjoy it like I do the holiday gift baskets.  Since I know that I do not always use my gift cards for myself, I bet others do that too, so I try to stay clear of the gift cards and give them something they can use.

Did you know that Christmas Gift Baskets are also called Christmas Hampers?  I learned about Christmas hampers today while writing this post.  I was looking through gift basket sites and even found one where you could order personalized Christmas Cupcakes.   Can you  imagine the smile on someone’s face when they open a package to find personalized Christmas Cupcakes?  If you were to order these, what message would you send?  Would you write their names on the cupcakes or send a  holiday message?


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