Is A Great Find!

Have you ever browsed  I thought this site would offer magazines for kids, but after I started reading it, I noticed that it offered fashion and beauty tips for women, and much more.  I found health tips, great craft ideas, and even recipes.  I love great cake ideas, you have to check out the colored sponge cake idea I found:  Birthday Cake Inspiration.  My kids love fun cakes and my boys would go nuts over all these colors in this cake!  I could even use this idea to make a fun Halloween or Christmas themed cake.  If you would rather have cupcakes, I also found great ice cream cone cupcakes like my mom used to make for me as a kid.  I am so glad I came across this recipe because unfortunately my mom has been gone for over twenty years now and I would love to make these for my boys.  I can remember how proud I was when my mom would come to school carrying these for my class parties.  WooHoo, now I can make them too!

Ok, I had so much fun in the recipes that I got sidetracked on you, but you’ve got to check out their site because I also found a great a recipe for chocolate dipped apple slices and oreo cookie pops!  Once I was able to pull myself from their recipe section, I  also found information on pregnancy, parenting, activities, lifestyle, Christmas and ways to connect with this site socially.

Now before I go back to browsing their food and recipe section, I wanted to tell you how to sign up for their newsletter, which I just did.    Subscribing to the newsletter is completely free and it offers great fashion advice and tips for both women and kids.  After finding such a great recipe hangout, I can’t let myself miss out on any new holiday recipes or ideas, so I entered my email address and now I am a Kid Magazine subscriber.  You can sign up HERE.  Check it out yourself, I really enjoyed browsing this site and look forward to receiving updates from them.  Face it, the holidays are just around the corner, and we could all use a few new tips for making new memories that are made every year over the holidays.


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