Make A Pizza This Weekend

Did you make pizza from the box when you were a kid?  I can remember having friends over and we each had our own pizza box and toppings.  I had forgotten all about making pizza until my husband took us to the grocery and bought the Chef Boyardee pizza mixes for our boys to make over the weekend.  The 6 year old had lots of fun designing his pizza but said the crust was too soft.  The 12 year old loved his pizza and is making another one this weekend.  As for me, the smell of the pizza cooking brought back childhood memories and I couldn’t wait it to eat it!  It tasted so good, I hung around in the kitchen after the dishes were done and made sure there weren’t any leftovers that had to be put away:)

If you haven’t made a pizza with your kids, run out and grab a mix,  some mozzerella cheese and pepperoni.  There were several brands of pizza mix, but we went with our childhood favorite – Chef Boyardee Pizza Mixer “Cheese.”

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  1. holy crow! we do pizza night every friday, but i haven’t thought of a chef boyardee pizza in forever! they were a staple in my mom’s kitchen when i was growing up!

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