MBA Programs Are Hard Work

This is the shoe tree at Murray State University where couples would place their shoes once they got married.  For each married couple, there was one shoe from the bride and one from the groom that was placed on the tree.  When we go back for a visit, my family still loves to drop by and check out the shoes on the shoe tree.

 My husband and I met in college while attending Murray State University in Kentucky.  We got married after he finished up his Bachelors Degree.  I worked on my student teaching during my last year of college and then also graduated with a Bachelors Degree.  Once I was out of school, we moved to Louisiana where my husband started working for Halliburton.  I found a job teaching 5th grade in a magnet school in Shreveport, where we had our first child.  We stayed there until our son was almost three and then we moved to Houston, Texas for another job opportunity for my husband.

Here are all our diplomas.  We worked hard for them, so we had them framed for our hallway.

After my husband had a chance to settle down for a few years with his job in Houston, he decided to go after his MBA.   There were many choices for us to make that came along with his decision to obtain his MBA.  He could choose an online MBA program or find a local college that offered weekend classes for executives.

After steady searching and deliberating, we decided that he should enroll in the MBA executive program at Rice University in Houston.  This program conducted classes every other weekend including Fridays.  He would attend school on his assigned weekend, work on homework and attend team meetings to work on group assignments during the time that he was not in the classroom.  The MBA program was tough and put a lot of strain on our family since my husband needed time to study and attend classes and group meetings.  Even though my husband was still at home with us, he no longer had the time to do the things that he normally did around the house before his classes began.  I had to step up, mow the yard, and complete other household chores in order for him to get the time he needed to pass his courses.  We had just had a new baby and there was lots to do around the house.

This is Rice University in Houston where my husband attended the executive MBA program.

My husband made it through the program and is glad that he chose to obtain his MBA.  I am proud of him for receiving his MBA, but I am definitely glad that his time in that program is now over.


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