Organize Your Closet

Let’s Organize The Closet

Often good home organization is evident for good inner organization and since our moods, expectations and hopes reflect in our lifestyle and home, we turn into an open book for our guests.  If one likes to set in order one’s thoughts and life in general, the good physical start of this operation would be the home.  When you are creating rules and flawless arrangement of your surroundings, this is inevitably making you feel in peace with your inner self since the atmosphere can evoke certain feelings in you.  Following some simple tips when making your home the den of your dreams may be the charge you need to make a new change.

The closet always makes a good starting point.  If you have the tendency to keep too much clothes and shoes, why don’t you try to get rid of some of them – especially those which you know for sure that you will never ever put on again.  It is believed that too many unused items may jam your life, and getting rid of the old and unnecessary ones makes place for the new things to happen.  Who doesn’t like new positive changes?  If, however, there are clothes which are sentimental to you, which represent your most happy moments, your success or your love, and you don’t want to say farewell to, you can put them in an old suitcase, if you have such; it will play the role of a treasury chest for your sentimental treasures.  This maneuver will save you space for the items you use on daily basis, separating them from the other ones.

 If you are heaped with too much stuff, you can use an easy trick to check what outfits you haven’t worn so far this season; position all the hangers backwards on the rod, and once you put on one of the outfits that’s on them, put the hanger in such a way that it faces the front. This way you will know, at any moment, how not to appear in one and the same clothes too often, and you’ll be reminded what you still haven’t put on.  If a rack remains turned backwards at the end of the season, you better reconsider its place in your closet.  You can donate the clothes you are no longer wearing.

As the weather is becoming warmer and sunnier so the preferred by you colors become brighter, and the number of your accessories rapidly grows.  This also arises the need to find a better way to organize them in order to orientate in their color and style in search for the perfect combination for your outfit.  You can use all kinds of boxes to store them, and sticking a picture on the cover will let you know what the exact content of the box is.  Boxes with several partitions are even better – one of the partitionс will be for the beaded bracelets, the other for the necklaces, the third for the sterling silver earrings, etc.  Getting to your accessories easy is crucial for your fantastic appearance.

            The good rationalization is sometimes even better that the spacious home that you can’t afford now.  This only proves how flexible you are while searching for your own comfort and how adjustable things are as soon as good ideas appear in your head.  If you need more organization tips, a good place to start is

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