Radio Ranger Remote Control Boat That Catches Fish! is a great place to find remote control boats.  I own one of these fast remote control boats after being able to review it awhile back and our whole family loves taking it to the lake.  This boat is much too big and too fast for our swimming pool, but it is perfect for the lake or pond.

Taking our Radio Ranger RC Boat to the lake is a great family activity. My kids and I took our boat out this past weekend and had a blast.  The Radio Ranger runs so fast across the lake that it leaves waves behind it.  This remote control boat can also be connected to your fishing line and used to catch a fish. Can you imagine catching a fish and then bringing it in to shore with this remote control boat? This RC Radio Ranger is also great for the serious fisherman who want to get their bait in just the right spot, but cannot get it there without a little help. Your fishing line can easily be connected to the remote control boat, driven to the perfect spot and dropped in the water.  Once your line is in place, simply drive the boat back to shore and wait for the big one to grab  hold of your line!  My kids and I didn’t try to catch any fish this past weekend, we just had fun taking turns driving our boat until we completely ran down our battery and it was time to head back home.  I would suggest buying a spare battery so you can have double the fun while at the water with your RC Ranger.  RcFishingWorld sells a battery that has a good 45 minutes run time on it.  This extra battery saves my family from the fights that can happen between two boys who both want to drive the boat at the same time.  Of course, if we owned two of these boats, that would be even better than owning two batteries, wouldn’t it?

The hardest part about setting up this boat was figuring out the right direction to place the 6 AA batteries into the remote control.  Once we figured this out, we were ready to hit the lake!  This boat is amazing and my boys are already planning our next boat outing and their dad is bringing the fishing pole next time!

NOW for the part you’ve been waiting for:  To be eligible for this giveaway you must be at least 18 years old and from the US.  Make sure to bookmark this giveaway and come back daily to tweet it out for extra entries.  Good luck!

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  1. I think most boys.. and I use that term for boys of all ages.. would go for the “Lucky Strike” boat.

    1. Thank you Steve, Karen has given me her shipping address and I have sent her info on to RCFishingWorld. Thank you so much for helping with this. I had written her, but I think my email was buried in her inbox.

      Bobbie Anne

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  6. I read the review and I love the fact that this boat runs can carry your line out to the exact spot that you want it and then return to shore. Awesome!

  7. i love the idea of this functiona l toy. it has enough “wow” to make the kids forget it’s useful, and as a homeschool i see infinite educational activities, not to mention bonding time with daddy!

  8. This is a great little boat.I like that you can use it to fish in the hard to reach places,and have fun just racing it across the water.

  9. My kids love to fish and this would add a fun and entertaining way for them to fish. I like that you can get an extra battery for extended fun

  10. Wow! This boat looks like so much fun! I have 2 nieces who would have a ball with this. We live near a marina so this would be a perfect place to take it. I like how it can hold the fish line. Thanks for a very informative review 🙂

  11. I love that this boat can carry your line out to the exact spot that you want it and then return to shore! Such fun!

  12. What i love most about the review is, That the entire family loved it. And she said the hardest part was the batteries on the remote… Really if that is the hardest part this is a way awesome RC!!

  13. the style is super neat and i like the battery and charger & ready to go as soon as opened & out of the box & super neat how it connects to the fishing line & just looks like a lot of fun for everybody thank you

  14. What I love most is the fact that you can fish with an rc boat. My two favorite hobbies. Freakin awesome.

  15. What I like best is that you can use this boat to catch fish! I really like the pic of the boat on the bottom of the review, it has an awesome wake for an RC boat!

  16. I love that this is a toy but actually can be used for fishing too! My boyfriend loves RC “toys” and used to have a real boat in Florida. He had to sell it tho when gas prices became so high. He’d love this new boat! lol I might have to get a second battery too as you suggested, if I win 🙂

  17. I love that you can hook your fishing line to the boat. I know for sure my stepson and his father would absolutely have a great time with it.

  18. I think this would be great for people to use even in a pool. It lets boys of all ages bond together.

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